The Old Lions Perish

Monday, March 13, 2006

The Old Lions Perish

The Old Lions PerishThe Ballad of Georgie Porgie

Georgie, Porgie, Puddin' and Pie
Skipped the Guard and let the poor guys die.
When the girls came out to play
Georgie got one in the family way.

Then Georgie went up to Harvard to stay
At the bottom of Business School all the way
Then he came back to Texas but no oil did spout
Daddy's money also then ran out

Daddy said, "I know where Junior can go
To get him a loan for Carlysle for show
I'll just send him to my friends the boys in Dubai
And there he'll be welcome and so will I

I will even take along sons Marvin and Neil
we'll work ourselves up a helluva deal
While we are there, we'll complain and cry
That old Sadaam wants to make me die

Though that's a lie I'll get young Bill
To send Cruise Missiles to blow up a hill
While we are at that and with no elect
I'll convince them that "weapons" they ought to inspect

And when young Bill's terms have all run out
We'll make sure that Junior gets some clout
No need for more votes than the other guy
Junior's chair's in the Oval that I'll buy!!

And with Billions in surplus that Bill has accrued
We'll reduce that to Trillions in deficits, Rude!!
Marvin manages "Security" of buildings that fall!!
We got the country's short and curlies on the ball!!

George'll lie to all the folks about WMD's
Should be Junior's psych Doc if you please
He'll convince Colin and Condi to do the same
For 9/11 we'll give Hussein all the blame

But our real plans won't quite ever be known
If Karl makes sure Wilson's wife's cover is blown
We don't want them to know that in Afghanistan
More heroin is grown than in any other land

We already had a deal with Bin Laden to sign
To guard construction of an Oil Pipeline
We'll pump all the oil all the way from Iraq
And then take back Iran and then all the way back

Through Afghanistan we'll manage to pipeline it all
From the Black Sea, the mediterannean and have a ball
with the money we'll triple what we got from the sheiks
But unlike Oil and Plame none of this leaks

So, we need a bill that will quiet the mob
If they ever heard they'd never give junior the job
We need something too to hush the folks on TV
Hey! P.A.T.R.I.O.T.

But in ought six it all came to nought
For all of the lies that the people had bought
Now they wanted their money back for the show
For counterfeit tickets their money did blow

When they realized the guy on the stage was a fraud
Even up to the fiction that he loved his gawd
Turns out that the only worship he gave
Was to his own skin which he ventured to save

As if you could not have foretold all of this
From Georgie the Porgies original kiss
Somewhere up in heaven an aborted child flies
Who knows his/her father is nothing but lies

So, the poor child floats over to his Father in heaven
and lays out a plan for Twenty Oh Seven!!
HE says "Well, you know he says he loves me
But, for proof of that I have yet to see..."

"And everyday there are more and more
of the mothers and children killed by his war
They've been blown up and burned and shot and stabbed
From the war in the Land that his greed has grabbed..."

"Well, I gave Moses a rule against covetry
And W's ignored nine others of the ten you see
He's lied, and stolen and fornicated
dishonered Sabbaths, signs other Gods, and murder's not abated..."

"He's misused my name, and made idols of his own
Dishonors father and mother and that's well known
I guess I can't rely on words he might say
So, child, your plan for their next year I hereby OK"

So, sainted men, women, children all full of contrition
All appear on earth on a holy mission
and they inspire the programmers at Diebold
That the actual results of elections be told

Mysteriously in '06 to POTUS' surprise,
his poll numbers dive portending demise
Of the Senate and Congress incumbents who ride
on the coattails of "the decider" who must abide

There's more to this story as you may well know
As we go into summer wedge issues will show
A desperate father of MORE than two girls will try
to work his way out of trouble till his spin cycle is dry

Watch for Twenty Oh Seven cause then you might see
More journey to take back our REAL country!
in order to realize a good story ending
Election day requires EVERYBODY'S attending!!



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